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Dia de la Feria

Dia de la Feris will return Sunday June 11, 2023. See you then!

Dia de la Feria features a family-friendly festival format of multiple concert venues at one great location.

Dia De La Feria

A Song For Cesar

Telling The History of a Labor Movement Through the Music It Inspired is what the documentary “A Song for Cesar” (@songforcesar) does brilliantly. The film tells a previously untold story about the musicians and artists – including Joan Baez, Maya Angelou, and Carlos Santana, among others – who dedicated their time, creativity, and even reputations to peacefully advance Cesar Chavez’s movement to gain equality and justice for America’s suffering farmworkers. The documentary also explores other facets of Cesar’s life – from childhood to his final days – revelations that, until now, have not been shared on screen.

WE are honored to announce we will be showing the film at the #SanMateoCountyFair this summer!

Watch the trailer:
Mural Artwork by George Yepes:

A Song For Cesar
Abel Sanchez

Abel Sanchez

The producer and director, Abel Sanchez, will be performing from 12:30 pm-1:30 pm on the Fair’s Main Stage on Sunday, June 12. His band wrote and performed many songs about Cesar Chavez.

Abel Sanchez, born and raised in San Francisco, was given his first guitar as a Christmas present by his grandmother at age 10. Music has been a passion and an important part of his life since.

In the late 60s, his band became one of San Francisco’s premier house bands opening many of the Bay Area hot spot nightclubs and packing the house with their soulful sounds. As a result of growing up in the southeast area of San Francisco, Soul music, as it was called back in the day, was the DNA of his music. Ultimately, the diversity of all the sounds and music happening in the bay area during those times became reflected in his works.

Learn more about Abel Sanchez:

Farmworker Heroes Appreciation Day

Farmworkers across the world have been working hard to keep our communities fed and our food system alive during these unpredictable times. The San Mateo Event & Fair is committed to supporting the health and rights of farmworkers and laborers and honoring Cesar Chavez’s legacy, that is why, in conjunction with the Cesar Chavez Foundation (@chavezfoundation), we will be hosting a special event dedicated to our local farmworker heroes during the Dia de la Feria. More information coming soon!

For more information about the Cesar Chavez Foundation:

Farmworker Heroes