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Concessionaire Application

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This is not a contract, nor a guarantee for space.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Completed Application form MUST be accompanied by:

  • TYPED menu with all items and proposed prices (SALES TAX INCLUDED). If selected, a formal menu will be negotiated.
  • Recent photos of your food stand(s) with application; day, night and backyard.
  • Footprint of your food stand(s) is required. Include the service support area in operational form. Be very specific for
    all dimensions (i.e., if hitch is not removable, please include in size of unit).
  • Copy of your California Seller’s Permit and Food Handlers (ServSafe) Certificate is required with your application.
    Food Handlers certification is required by the State of California (exceptions: prepackaged food and beverage carts).
  • Completed Temporary Health Permit Application
  • Completed RV/Stock truck application(s). Limited RV and Stock Truck Facilities. Filling out the application is not a guarantee for space.
  • Completed Golf Cart application
  • You must provide proof of general and product liability of insurance of $1,000,000.00.
    BEFORE your policy is sent over please have your carrier add the following language to your certificate:
    "The State of California; The San Mateo County Exposition and Fair Association; San Mateo County; entities (public
    or non-profit) operating as California designated agricultural fairs; their agents, directors, officers, servants, and
    employees are made additional insured, but only insofar as the operations under this contract are concerned."
    Certificate Holder: San Mateo County Fair

If you are on the CFSA Master List, please provide the following:

Important notes:

  • Each vendor must have an approved cash register or POS
  • Each vendor must accept credit cards.
  • Each vendor must make hand sanitizer available for guest usage.
  • Fees per concession stand are a minimum guarantee of $2,500.00, versus 25% of gross sales, whichever is greater.
  • If accepted, you will required to sell only Pepsi products.
  • Concessions Stands will set soda/water pricing.
  • A charge per stand is required for general utilities, which includes electricity and water
  • Do not send any payment with your application; the minimum guarantee and the additional fees will be stated on
    the contract once accepted into the San Mateo County Fair
  • Read the 2023 Commercial and Concessions Rules and Regulations handbook.

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for your business and the Fair. We need your help communicating all of your amazing food and awesome things you are doing!


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Follow us @SanMateoCoFair


Follow us @SanMateoCoFair

You love food, we love food, and our attendees love all of the diverse unique food offerings they can discover at the San Mateo County Fair. Tell us about your food:

Proposed food products & prices (or attach Word or Excel Menu):

Please note that the menu needs to be TYPED. Menu Items & Prices may not be changed before the first day of Fair, or your stand will incur a fine.

**Prices must include sales tax!**

* Only approved items and prices will be listed on your Contract

We need to understand your concession’s requirements so we can find the best location for you! Please tell us a bit about your stand.

Tents and food trucks are not permitted to operate at the Fair.

Total Stand Size (including counters/awnings/doors):


Please provide amperage requirements for running at maximum capacity. If we are not informed of proper requirements, we may not be able to provide service – BE SPECIFIC. You must account for all equipment that will need power.

  • All cords 70 Amps and less must have plugs.
  • 220 volt must be #6/4 gauge or heavier wire with Nema Plug #14-50P 110 volt must be #12/3 gauge or heavier wire with Nema Plug #5-15P All electrical hardwiring required is $80.00 each/flat fee
  • No plugs, extension cords, cord caps or other equipment will be provided by the San Mateo County Fair

(30 Amp/125 Volt • 50 Amp/208 Volt • 20 Amp/GFI Standard Outlet)

50 AMPS - $250
100 AMPS - $500
200 AMPS - $1,000

The utility fees on this application are subject to change per final agreement with governing agencies and departments.

NEW vendors: We would like to know where you’ve taken your food recently!

Please list (3) recent county fairs or events at which you have exhibited.