Junior Fair Board

The San Mateo County Fair’s Junior Fair Board was created to provide young adults with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, perform community service, and become aware of business and the operations of the County Fairs. Today, this Junior Fair Board has grown in both size and responsibilities to meet the challenges offered to these young men and women.

As many as twenty members are selected to volunteer throughout the year on behalf of the San Mateo County Fair. Their efforts include assisting at Fair events, providing outreach, assisting Fair visitors who may have special needs, and planning, developing and coordinating events within the fair.

Potential Junior Fair Board members must be high school age students and enrolled in a high school or equivalent program at the time they begin their service on the Junior Fair Board. They must also be a resident of San Mateo, San Francisco or Santa Clara Counties. Interviews may be held throughout the year as deemed appropriate by the Advisors. All new members are notified by a letter from the Advisors and/or San Mateo County Fair management of their acceptance for membership.

Junior Fair Board at Work

2019 Jr. Fair Board Members

Elise Wacha


10th Grade 

Carlmont High School 

My favorite part of the fair is the showing livestock.

Tristan Lorenzo-Davis


Grade: 11th

High School: Capuchino High

Favorite Thing about the Fair: My favorite thing about fair is the sense of community between the exhibitors.

Kaitlyn Lynch

Kaitlyn Lynch

Grade: 11th

High School: Sequoia High

Favorite Thing about the Fair: My favorite thing about the fair is the livestock. I have learned so much and made so many amazing memories in the barn!

Andrea Martinez Vera

Andrea Martinez Vera

Grade 12th

High School: San Mateo High School

Favorite Thing about the Fair: My favorite part of fair, is walking around the art exhibit and seeing all the amazing pieces of arts and crafts people make, it inspires me to continue my own crafting projects, and try new things. 

Jenna Jaramillo


Grade: 12th 

High School: Drew High School

My Favorite Thing about the Fair: I love hanging out in the livestock barn with my friends. Additionally, visiting the Expo Hall every year and seeing all of the cool vendors and exhibits.