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Nancy McDougal
Department Coordinator
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What Exhibitors Need To Know


Idea Gardens and Community Recognition for Organizations & Individuals

Organizations & individuals will again create small garden vignettes using containerized plantings, furniture, paving, and accessories. Each themed area may be focused on a specific type of plant or garden activity. Fair visitors will see landscape ideas and decorations that can be used in their own backyards.

Special contests for school gardens & landscaping are also available. Information on each garden choosing to exhibit should be shown through drawings, photos & information presented in an attractive display.

Community Awards will reward schools and community groups which have created or enhanced a public space during the previous year. Each project display is judged on design and workmanship, as well as evaluation of the actual project as shown by the exhibit & materials displayed. We are proud to showcase the work of these creative volunteers who add beauty and interest in our County.

Gardens & Landscape Info

Outstanding Leadership Award


The John Kyne Award was inaugurated in 1974 in memory of John Kyne. The recipient of this prestigious youth award is selected based on their quality and diversity of exhibits throughout the Fair; demonstrated assistance with other exhibitors and department supervisors in the form of teaching, sportsmanship, leadership, attitude and cooperation; and their efforts and assistance given to the fair.

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