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Free Activities Galore!

Once you are at the Fair all these activities are free!

The San Mateo County Fair is a perfect family outing, we offer free activities and attractions that are fun for everyone!

free activities

San Mateo County Fair Farm

San Mateo County Fair Farm

Location: Barn

Come visit the Farm – see animals raised on local San Mateo County Farms entered into the Fair for Ribbons and Prizes by our 4-H participants and Future Farmers of America. From rabbits, turkeys and chickens to lambs, pigs, goats and steers. See all the barn animals at the Farm.

The Great American Duck Race

Duck Races

Location: Gate 5

The Great American Duck Race features live Mallard ducks raced on a water track. You may be one of the lucky ones chosen to hold and release one of the world’s fastest mallards into it’s racing lane.  Prizes are awarded to all winners. These ducks have been featured on the Tonight Show, Wall Street Journal and People Magazine. It will definitely quack you up! “You can’t watch a duck race without smiling.”

Times: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm Daily.

Sponsored by Glorious Academy

Family Fun Zone

Family Fun Zone

Location: Expo Hall- Creative Kids

The Family Game Zone made its debut at the 2018 San Mateo County Fair.. It was created with the idea that people of all ages could have an area to be enjoyed together. Some of the games you’ll find there are Life Size Connect 4, Corn Hole, Life Size Chess and Checkers, and Classic Ring Toss. Make and Take projects will also be available.

San Mateo's Creative Kids

Creative Kids

Location: Expo Hall

Get in on the fun and tradition of SAN MATEO’S KIDS, San Mateo County Fair’s creative and educational competitions for kids from pre-school through high school. Check out the all-new 2021 competitions such as Art, Photography, Sewing, Science, Hobby Collections, Quilting, Needlework, Woodworking, Drafting, and Creative Writing are always popular…and so much fun! It’s easy to enter!

All-Alaskan Racing Pigs

All Alaskan Pig Race

Location: West Exterior of Expo Hall

Faster than a speeding train, bigger than a rabbit, and loves Oreo cookies! This show is educational and exciting and includes audience participation, pig trivia, pig cheerleaders, speedway flags, and fun prizes for winning cheerleaders.

Times: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm Daily.

Robotics Zone

Robotics Zone

Location: Fiesta Hall

Don’t miss San Mateo County’s finest Robotics competitors as they demonstrate their skill in robotics and capture your imagination. Teams that will be at the Fair include Jefferson Robotics, Aragon Robotics Team, Vulcan Robotics Team and more.

Black History Museum

Domini Haskins Black History Museum

Location: Event Pavilion

The Domini Hoskins Black History Museum showcases more than 100 exhibits at the San Mateo County Fair.


Location: Strolling Grounds Act

Fritters area fantastically friendly, furry, fluffy flock of costumed critters that can be found throughout the fairgrounds begging for your attention, hugs, and photo opportunities. Look for the Fritters throughout the Fair as they are sure to be close by!



Location: Strolling Grounds Act

Dennis Forel, one of America’s foremost Balloon Sculptors, has been performing since the Ides of March 1975. His repertoire of over 108 different animals, have taken him to state and county fairs, amusement parks, shopping centers, and special events throughout the Western U.S., Alaska, Mexico, Japan, and the Bahamas.

Louie Foxx Magician

Louie Foxx

Location: Strolling Grounds Act / Community Stage

Audiences across the USA love Louie Foxx’s One-Man Side Show and you will too. Howie Mandel called Louie’s performance on NBC’s America’s Got Talent “Fantastic” and the International Brotherhood of Magicians said Louie was “incredible.”

Zoey the Butterfly

Zoey The Butterfly

Location: Strolling Grounds Act

Catch a glimpse of Zoey the Butterfly as she flutters and flies around the fairgrounds. Brightly colored and towering above even the tallest of people. She will be dancing and posing for pictures–hopefully you will get a chance to see Zoey!

Sky River Butterflies

skyriver butterflies

Location: Fiesta Hall

Butterflies have fascinated us for thousands of years, from their humble beginnings as a caterpillar to their emergence from their chrysalis as butterflies, theirs is an amazing life cycle.

In many cultures, butterflies symbolize love, freedom, and the rebirth of the immortal soul. For centuries, collectors and philosophers poured over the biology of butterflies and the fascinating patterns coded on their wings.

Come and learn about butterflies. Feed them. Enjoy them and take LOTS of pictures!

San Mateo County Libraries Bookmobile

Location: Expo Hall

The San Mateo County Libraries Bookmobile brings essential library programs and services to residents throughout the County. Mobile services allow us to engage with patrons beyond our buildings. The Bookmobile offers a collection for children and adults, including new movies and books, magazines, WiFi hotspots, Spanish language materials, and other popular items.

Hillia Hula Hoop


Location: Strolling

Hillia Hula Hoop Extraordinaire pushes the creative limits of hula hooping with jaw-dropping tricks. She strives to create a memorable experience for her audience and spread joy.




Location: Expo Hall

Toytopia visitors learn about the origins of toys, who made them, and why they are fun and dear to us. They discover why some toys succeeded and some failed, as well as which toys have become collector’s items and why. Toytopia satisfies the curiosity of visitors of all ages with beautiful, compelling, and informative displays. Photo opportunities include a Monopoly car token big enough to sit in and the world’s largest Etch-A-Sketch, standing at 8’ high. Toytopia is not just about toys. Real working video arcade games from the 1970s and 80s are available for play. There’s also a life-size dollhouse!


Location: Expo Hall

San Mateo County Libraries’ Makermobile is a zero-emission vehicle built to deliver maker programs beyond our libraries. It is designed to “unfold” at each new destination, releasing movable carts that roll out and station around the vehicle transforming the surrounding location into a bustling pop-up makerspace. Equipped with built-in display cabinets, a video monitor for maker inspiration and awnings for shade protection, the vehicle invites visitors to stop and explore.

Photo courtesy of San Mateo County Libraries

Roberto the Magnificient

Roberto The Magnificient

Location: Strolling Grounds Act

Captivating audiences for more than two decades, Roberto the Magnificent is recognized as one of the nation’s most unique variety acts performing throughout the USA. Roberto the Magnificent has appeared at thousands of events from civic performances, state fairs, music & arts festivals and schools.

Beats Of The Islands

Beats of the Islands

Location: Sequoia Hall  (6/1 All Day)

Experience the vibrant rhythms and rich cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands at the Beats of the Islands exhibit during Pacific Islands Day on Saturday, June 1st. Explore captivating exhibits showcasing the diverse cultures and traditions of the Pacific Islands, including music, dance, arts, crafts, and cuisine. Immerse yourself in the beauty and uniqueness of each island’s culture, from Hawaii to Samoa, Fiji to Tonga, and beyond. 

Silver Starlets

Silver Starlets

Location: Fiesta Hall

Full of glam, glitz and glitter, The Silver Starlets use a 20 foot free-standing trapeze rig as their stage. They twist, tumble, bend, climb and fall, getting the audience cheering, laughing and sometimes even dancing right along with them.  But don’t let their tutus fool you; The Silver Starlets captivate their audience with family-friendly charm, beautiful grace, and amazing strength. These girls don’t sweat…they sparkle!.



12:30pm Silver Starlets Circus Workshop
2:30pm Silver Starlets Show
4:30pm Silver Starlets Circus Workshop
6:30pm Silver Starlets Show


12:30pm Silver Starlets Show
2:30pm Silver Starlets Circus Workshop
4:30pm Silver Starlets Show

Circus Workshop with The Silver Starlets

Learn some circus skills with The Silver Starlets. A drop in style workshop for kids and adults of all ages taught by professional circus performers. Come try the circus arts – including juggling, hula hooping, diabolo, spinning plates, and much more. The only thing you need to bring is a smile.

Jugger Racing Team

Jugger Racing

Location: Sequoia  Hall
Dates: June 5 – June 9

Come experience what’s like to be a part of a record setting racing team with daily interactive demonstrations.

Pacific Northwest Camels

PNW Camels

At Pacific Northwest Camels, our goal is to teach people about these rare domesticated animals that are the camel. The San Mateo County Fair offers a unique activity – and photo opportunity! – to meet and ride on the friendly animals. Camel rides at the Fair are available June 1 thru 9.

Carnival Rides

Carnival Rides


Reach new heights, do flips, catch air! This isn’t your average backyard trampoline. This a bungee trampoline.

Rock Wall

Rock Wall

Explorers, thrill-seekers, problem-solvers – do you have the skills it takes to climb the Rock Wall? It’s challenging, but a reward awaits if you can make it to the top!

Roaming Railroad

roaming railroad

The Roaming Railroad serves the entire Northeast with some of the best family entertainment available. Not just a kid’s ride, the Roaming Railroad was custom built to accommodate adults, making it a true family attraction.

Petting Zoo

Ponyland Petting Zoo

All Smiles Entertainment Petting Zoo brings fun and joy to all age groups. The Petting Zoo consists of fluffy alpacas, lovely Nigerian dwarf goats, bigger Nubian goats, minutare cows and also a miniature donkey. They also bring small furry bunnies, small ducks and friendly sheep that will brighten your day at the Fair.

Fabian's Pony Rides

Pony Rides
Fabian’s Pony Ride is proud to offer an exciting and unforgettable experience for children with our delightful free rein pony ride, providing endless fun and cherished memories with our photos.

Sports Cages

Sports Cages