Sustainable Living

Joseph Lees
Department Coordinator
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Clever ideas

clever ideasAre you interested to see or to demonstrate to others how to stimulate awareness of our impact on the environment; save or make money in novel and interesting ways; create artistic and/or functional items while still having a net positive influence for environment health? 


Check out competitive events such as  Recycled Fashion Design, Garden/Landscape Design, Recycled Glass Art, Creative Reuse, Sustainable Ideas, Alternative Product Collection  and related displays/demonstrations. 


These competitions inspire creations that involve recycling or reusing items and materials found in the home or garden into other objects of utility and/or artistic or whimsical value or, they showcase creative environment- or conservation-focused designs/plans/ideas.


New Contest

clever ideasCreate a scarecrow to decorate your garden!

Challenge your students or neighbors to create their own art work from recycled, reclaimed, or /or reused materials.

Ideas or themes can be traditional (straw, old clothes, ect.), non-traditional (paper mache, plastic, tubing, ect.), characters (celebrity look-a-like, etc.), era-in-time (past, present, future), or cartoon character (any existing cartoon or create your own).


Composting and Vermiculture

compostingAre you aware of the soil food web and the essential role that it plays in plant development?  Do you know how managed composting and vermiculture can help improve this important process while minimizing, in a very significant way, the unnecessary transportation of waste and squandering of valuable landfill space?  It may be just your “cup of tea”to get down and dirty by competing in one of the department’s composting or vermiculture events. 


Why not show or come and learn how good management techniques can result in high-quality “black gold” being made from your garden, kitchen and other compostable home wastes?


Solar Ovens

SolarDo you like the warmth of the sun on your cheek and the sound and smell of eggs sizzling?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see that sun on your cheek also directly fuel the oven that’s frying the eggs?  Still more interesting might be that depending on one’s design and construction skills all of this is possible at little expense–all you need is some cardboard, aluminum foil and glue!  Participate in a solar oven event either as a curious observer or as a competitor.


Outside organizations and businesses

outside organizationsSustainable Living will introduce you to organizations with a modern technological edge, demonstrating products and generating buzz about creative new ideas for a healthy planet. 


You will find an assortment of local businesses that are environmentally conscious and that showcase some of the best eco-friendly wares and services the Bay Area has to offer.

Sustainable Living Info

Outstanding Leadership Award


The John Kyne Award was inaugurated in 1974 in memory of John Kyne. The recipient of this prestigious youth award is selected based on their quality and diversity of exhibits throughout the Fair; demonstrated assistance with other exhibitors and department supervisors in the form of teaching, sportsmanship, leadership, attitude and cooperation; and their efforts and assistance given to the fair.

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