Hoskins Black Hisotry Musuem

  • San Mateo County Fair - Hoskins Black History Museum

    The Domini Hoskins Black History Museum is unique in that it highlights the contributions that African Americans have made to this country. Black history is the first line of defense against racism and prejudice. By promoting historical awareness, children, youth & adults will have the resources to compete and succeed in our progress in society.

    The Hoskin's Black History Museum will be at the San Mateo County Fair, June 9-17th!  This will be our 4th year presenting African American cultural exhibits at the Fair.  Please see the different things we will be saluting during the Fair.

    Saturday 6/9 - Celebrate African American History Past & Present
    Showcase: Black Panther - the Movie

    Sunday 6/10 - Celebrate Strong Black Men
    Showcase: Former 49er Dennis Brown (1-3pm)
    Showcase: Black Police Officers and Firefighters (4-5pm)

    Monday 6/11 - Celebrate Soul Food
    Showcase: Southern Treats from "Yvonne's Southern Sweets" (1-3pm)

    Tuesday 6/12 - Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Showcase: The Civil Rights Movement and the first Black President and First Lady: Barrack and Michelle Obama

    Wednesday 6/13 – Celebrate Black Athletes in Sports
    R.C. Owens - 49ers(football)
    Hall of Famer Jerry Rice - 49ers (football)
    Al Attles - Golden State Warriors (basketball)
    Jackie Robinson - S.F. Giants/Negro League (baseball)
    Willie Mays - S.F. Giants (baseball)
    Barry Bonds - S.F. Giants (baseball)
    Various athletes in Boxing, Auto Racing, Horse Racing, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Golf, Hockey, Soccer

    Thursday 6/14 – Celebrate Black Invention: Dr. George Washington Carver
    Showcase: Education & Black Colleges
    $500 Scholarship giveaway!

    Friday 6/15 – Celebrate Black Music
    Motown Revue (4-5pm)
    Hip Hop (5-6pm)
    Blues, Gospel, Country & Western, Jazz, Opera, Folk
    Showcase: Prince, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross

    Saturday 6/16 – Celebrate Women Basketball
    Showcase: WNBA Players

    Sunday 6/17 – Celebrate Madam C.J. Walker - Black Hair Care
    Showcase: (1-3pm)
    Hyatt Studio - free hair braiding
    California Blendz Barber Shop
    Free hair cuts for kids


    About the Hoskins Black History Museum

    Carolyn Hoskins is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit Domini Hoskins Black History Museum and Learning Center Foundation and curator of the extensive exhibit. The widow of Robert "Bob" Hoskins a former S.F. 49er defensive tackle. She is also a member of the NFL Alumni Northern California Chapter executive committee.

    The Hoskin's Black History Museum and learning center is inspired by Hoskins' 24-years-old grandson, Domini Hoskins.  The idea occurred to Mrs. Hoskins when her grandson was working on a Black History report.  
    That’s when she began teaching him about the African American culture and decided that this knowledge needs to be shared with others. "This is very, very passionate for me," Hoskins explained. "Kids in school are just not getting the knowledge about Black history, which may be featured in school one month out of the year.”

    The collection and research started as a small project for her grandson’s school, and other schools in the Bay Area heard about the exhibit and wanted us to come to their school.  They traveled to schools in San Francisco, Richmond, Atherton, Burlingame, and Redwood City just to name a few.

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