The Details are For You!

Gold Rush Getaway

Oh, my goodness, the Fair is coming, the Fair is coming, the Fair is c-o-m-i-n-g and I am excited!  To say that I am a fair fanatic might be a bit extreme, but the truth is I love county fairs.  I have spent a good part of my marketing career working with county fairs because the fair business is fun business. Truth be told, I also spent a great deal of time in healthcare marketing, where daily I wrote about cancer and cardiac care.  And yes, while that work was rewarding, it was not necessarily fun. FUN is working in an industry that is all about making families smile and creating lifetime memories. It’s why I redirected my career back to the fun business, where I spend my day sharing the fun news about cotton candy and concerts. How great is that!

I wish you could walk in Justin’s shoes for the day—he is our Fair Operations Manager.  His day was spent calculating the 14,300 square feet of tents and the 5,069 feet of pipe and drape needed, finalizing the 70-plus commercial vendor contracts, ensuring that power is accessible where power needs to be accessed, and every behind-the-scenes detail you can ever imagine.  As the Fair’s marketing consultant, my day is technical on a different front. Today I proofed newspaper ads to make sure that day of week and the date matched up.  I also inventoried tickets that we will award to lucky winners on social media. Lisa our Exhibits Manger has spent her week finalizing the more than 5,000 contest entries that came in by the May 8 deadline. The names of the Fair’s team members, and their attention to detail, is endless. For every one of us putting together this big puzzle called “The Fair,” it all boils down to details with a capital “D”.

Why do we do this?  Sure, it’s a paid job, but the fact is we really love the San Mateo County Fair.  What do we love about it?  You!  When the clock strikes 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 9, and our gates open for the 2018 Fair, there will be nothing better than watching you make lifetime memories with your family and friends. The Fair IS coming, and we are passionate about your joy.