Hats & Rolls

Hats & Rolls

I’m excited! The San Mateo County Fair opens next month, and it will be my first time leading the marketing team for this great fair. Four years ago, I took a day off my hospital marketing job and traveled two hours to attend this fair. It was my first visit and I loved it! My friend Jan and I had a blast. We wandered through the giant Expo Hall and perused every contest entry, from quilts to fine arts to the culinary entries. Of course, we also participated in a little retail therapy and scored these great straw hats. It was an impulse buy, but truth be told, four years later we both still have and wear them in the summer months.

Having accumulated at least 4,500 steps indoors, next we headed outside to cheer on the racing pigs. Ok, if you’ve never witnessed the pig races, then add this to your bucket list because it’s guaranteed to make you smile. They are best described as, “Faster than a chicken, chubbier than a goat, round, cute, and built for speed.”

When Jan and I had achieved the 7,000-step mark, we convinced one another that we had walked off enough calories to justify our next splurge—oohy gooey cinnamon rolls. Of course, we opted for the cream cheese frosting and the nuts.

It was more than hats and calories that we scored during our visit to the San Mateo County Fair. The biggest prize of all was the lifetime memories we made.

I had no clue whatsoever that four years later I’d be working for this amazing fair. And guess what? Jan will be traveling two hours to visit one day during the nine-day run. Look for us— two ladies wearing big hats, eating cinnamon rolls in the bleachers by the pig races. Meet us there!