Animals at the Fair

Petting Zoo

Close your eyes and shout out the first famous animal that comes to your mind. OK, was it Grumpy Cat? Bo Obama or Babe?  The list of famous animals is endless, but no matter what little (or big) critter popped in your mind, we likely share one thing in common—a fondness for animals.

So, let’s talk turkey!  If you have a fondness for animals, or just want to get up close and personal with a furry friend, then the San Mateo County Fair is the place to be this June. In the Great American Petting Zoo, you’ll find more than 40 animals including those cute little miniature goats and donkeys, wooly llamas, furry alpacas, and even a deer (Bambi’s friend).


In our “farm” you’ll find rabbits, turkeys, chickens, lambs, pigs, goats and even steers. These quality animals are raised by local 4-H members and Future Farmers of America. Outside of the barn you’ll find the racing pigs. Yes, these little guys sprint around a track at record speeds as the crowd goes hog wild. The racing pigs are an absolute must-see—I promise they will put a smile on your face.

talking parrot

The animals get more exotic in our 5,000 square foot Rainforest Adventure exhibit. In this lush area of the fair you’ll find not only animals but reptiles, birds, and invertebrates, too. You’ll likely see the spider monkey climbing up and the sloth hanging down. Plus, you’ll hear croaking frogs and witness creepy crawly things, like slithering pythons and huge hairy tarantulas. Hint—if you are looking for me, you won’t find me anywhere near the python.


Besides things that crawl, we also have things that fly. I will always remember my first experience in the Butterfly Adventure exhibit. Yes, now we’re talking insects, but butterflies are beautiful, too. As you wander into this amazing exhibit, you’ll be greeted by 400 to 500 butterflies. You’ll be provided with a cotton swab, but it’s not for cleaning your ears, instead it’s for feeding the butterflies the sweet nectar that they crave. Be prepared for an awesome experience, as they will spread their golden wings, land in your hair, or even on your arm.

Make Sure You Checkout

  • Brazilian Rain Forest
  • Ag Adventures Petting Zoo
  • San Mateo County Fair Farm
  • Butterfly Adventures

While Gabriel my Airedale is not famous like Bo Obama, I will miss his doggy breath and waggy tail during the nine days I will be working at the fair. But what is so great is that I’ll be surrounded by all his furry, creepy-crawly, and flying friends at the San Mateo fair. I’ll see you there!