Fun New Activities!

Selfie Museum

Selfie Musuem at the San Mateo County Fair

NEW for 2019 - Get ready to #celebrateyourselfie at our brand new selfie museum! There will be 6 awesome different backdrops you and your friends and family can enjoy together! We know you will have a ton of fun taking and sharing these pictures and we can’t wait to see all the fun poses you can come up with - make sure to use #sanmateocountyfair Silent Disco

Silent Disco at the San Mateo County Fair

NEW for 2019!

We’re so excited to invite you to our Silent Disco! Join us in Cypress hall weeknights* from 5 – 8 p.m. and weekends from 5 to 9 p.m. for an energetic, lively, & completely silent party! Grab a pair of wireless headphones, tune into the DJ you want to listen to and have your own personal party! Anyone with headphones can hear the music and those without hear nothing! You are in control of which DJ you listen to and you can change stations anytime you want - you are in control! Headphones are provided.

*Dark Tuesday, June 11


Fun New Kids Activities!

Aussie Kingdom

Aussie Kingdom at the San Mateo County Fair

Join us on our Australian adventure as we meet kangaroos, wallaroos, wallabies and even baby joeys! Enjoy the amazing laugh of the kookaburra and visit with all of our lizard friends. All found only in the land down under! Aussie Kingdom brings the Australian outback to life.

Roberto The Magnificent

Roberto the Magnificent at the San Mateo County Fair

Captivating audiences for more than two decades, Roberto the Magnificent is recognized as one of the nation’s most unique variety acts performing throughout the USA. Roberto the Magnificent has appeared at thousands of events from civic performances, state fairs, music & arts festivals and schools.

Boom! Percussion Entertainment

Boom! Percussion Entertainment at the San Mateo County Fair

BOOM! Percussion Entertainment provides High Impact novelty entertainment for corporate and other large scale events.  Each ensemble performance is designed to bring a burst of energy and create a memorable, surprise experience for the guests. BOOM! offers an LED Trash Can Percussion group, LED Drumline, Marching Band, and a Samba group.

Mobile Glass Studio

Mobile Glass Studio at the San Mateo County Fair

The mobile glassblowing experience brings the artistry and education of glass making beyond the studio walls to your location. Viewers will experience a multitude of information surrounding the lost art of glassblowing.  Glassblowing is an interdisciplinary art form that embodies art, science, math, history, and teamwork.  From glassblowing demonstrations to hands-on workshops, spectators will gain a vast knowledge of the process of manipulating hot glass into various shapes and forms.